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Jurong East Bus Interchange
17A Jurong Gateway Road #01-11
Singapore 608513
8am – 6pm (Closed on Sat, Sun & PHs)
Ang Mo Kio Recruitment Centre
Blk 709 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 #01-2585 (L2)
Singapore 560709
8am – 6pm (Closed on Sat, Sun & PHs)
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of Employees are "Happy to be a part of TTS"
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of Employees have a positive relationship with their Managers
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Monthly massages, haircuts and health talks
Family Leave
26 Weeks of Maternity Leave
Incentive Model
That rewards you with cash for your outstanding performances!
Free Travel
On all public buses & trains in Singapore
Flexible Benefits
Customised to your unique needs
TTS Family
We have an informal work atmosphere that our staff describe as “family-like” and “friendly”

Working as a Bus Captain

Being a bus captain has been Syazwan's dream since young. After graduating from polytechnic, he joined TTS as one of our youngest bus captains. Always wearing a smile, Syaz enjoys interacting with commuters and has received compliments for good customer service.
The first thing you notice about Nicky is her smile, and then her blonde hair. She left the logistics sector to join Tower Transit Singapore as a Bus Captain in 2016. Her cheerful demeanour and her skill at handling a 12m bus makes her an inspiration to any woman looking to join the public transport industry as a Bus Captain. Interacting with her passengers and providing excellent service gives her a great sense of satisfaction.
Pei Ching has always enjoyed driving, whether it's driving a car or a heavy vehicle like the bus. She has been with TTS since Sep 2021, and she has never looked back. One of the key reasons she wants to be a bus captain is the fact that she gets to meet many different people every day. Pei Ching mainly operates bus service 857 and occasionally supports bus service 171 and 855.

Working as a Vehicle Technician

Gary has always been interested in buses, especially the technical aspects such as the electrical components of the bus. This sense of curiosity led him to join the public transport industry. As an Engineering Supervisor, Gary's main job scope is to supervise the maintenance and servicing of the fleet, ensuring our buses comply with all statutory regulations. Gary has been with the Tower Transit engineering team since 2018.
Suresh was inspired to pursue a career in automotive engineering by his father, a former railway engineer. It became his gateway to the world, taking him from Chennai to Dubai and all the way to Afghanistan where he maintained armoured military vehicles for the US Army. His main job scope as a vehicle technician is to carry out maintenance services and general repairs of buses. He is also conducts diagnostic checks, troubleshooting and engine overhauls.
Dominic began his 21-year journey in automotive engineering at a tender age of 15! Curious about the inner workings of a vehicle, he joined a car workshop in his hometown of Sarawak, Malaysia. He joined TTS in 2019 and is the go-to guy for technical advice among his colleagues. He finds it very fulfilling to be able to solve problems and meet operational demand for buses. A good day for him is when a bus that he worked on has a good long run before coming back to the workshop.

Working in Various Departments

Work Life
Asri was drawn to a career as a Service Controller which requires him to manage over 50 buses at a time. Based at Tower Transit Singapore’s (TTS) Bus Operations Control Centre, Asri communicates with Bus Captains to direct them and ensure buses arrive on time and at the correct intervals. Sometimes this means finding temporary diversions to get around major traffic jams or helping Bus Captains deal with incidents on board. A good day at the office for Asri is when he can get TTS’ bus services back on track after a major traffic delay.
Work Life
As a Service Ambassador with Tower Transit Singapore – she is the go-to person for enquiries at Sembawang Bus Interchange! Ummirita finds herself a good fit for this customer-facing job, as she is a people-person who loves to proactively help and serve. She derives personal purpose from her work in public transport, as it is an essential service to the masses.

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People matter most at Tower Transit Singapore — the human element is what makes working at Tower Transit Singapore so different.

A lot of effort goes into building the unique Tower Transit culture, so that our staff come to work every day feeling like they want to be there.

We’ve built a dynamic team comprising experienced hands and newcomers with fresh ideas. Our vision is to be the most respected public transport operator in Singapore. If that resonates with you, we invite you to join us.