Inclusivity at TTS
At TTS, inclusion isn’t just a goal, it’s the heart of our journey. We’re committed to building a public transport system that embraces diversity and empowers everyone to travel with confidence.

Imagine a world where:

Public transport feels like an extension of your welcoming community, not just a way to get around.

Every bus ride is an opportunity to connect and empower.

Stepping onto a bus means stepping into a space designed for everyone.

Building Communities, One Smile at a Time

Spreading the love

Our social media isn’t just about bus routes – it's about fostering a gracious commuting culture. From inclusivity tips to safety reminders, we’re building a community of mindful commuters.

Knowledge is power

Our Public Bus Inclusivity Courses equip Bus Captains and the public with the skills to assist fellow passengers with mobility challenges. Together, we’re creating a network of support on wheels.

Empowering journeys

Our Public Bus Confidence Courses empower people with disabilities to navigate public transport with ease. We believe everyone deserves the freedom to explore Singapore.

Learning by example

We partner schools to create Student Co-Host programmes. These young volunteers lend a helping hand to the elderly and those with mobility challenges, fostering a spirit of community care at our interchanges.

Small steps, big impact

We organise preschool visits and Bus Captain meet-and-greets, turning interchanges from unfamiliar spaces into exciting destinations for our youngest commuters.

Nurturing Haven

We worked with Hegen to create a sanctuary for nursing mothers at Jurong East Interim Bus Interchange. The redesigned nursing room provides a comfortable and private space for parents on the go, ensuring everyone feels welcome and supported.

Paying it forward

Our “belanja-a-meal” initiative allows TTS and commuters to donate meals to low-income families, extending a helping hand beyond the bus stop.

A Diverse Crew for a Diverse Community

Inclusion starts at home

We’re proud to be an Enabling Mark (Silver) employer, fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Champions from within

Our Customer Experience and Inclusivity Officers (CXIOs) are the driving force behind our inclusivity efforts. Kishon Chong and Cheryl Tan, both individuals with disabilities, lead the way with empathy and expertise, conducting audits and spearheading community engagement initiatives. They bridge the gap between passengers and our services, ensuring everyone feels comfortable, empowered, and welcome on board.

Every bus captain, a customer service officer

Through robust training and incentive programmes, we empower our bus captains to provide safe and positive customer service. From a friendly smile to a helping hand, every interaction matters.