Sustainability at TTS
We believe public transport is the future. At TTS, we're not just about getting you from point A to B, we're about fostering a greener, more connected Singapore.
Two men riding micromobility devices through a lush green park.

Ride Green, Live Green

An electrifying experience

We currently operate 11 electric buses and 17 hybrid buses. This number is set to increase as Singapore ramps up electrification to meet its target of 50% of the national bus fleet by 2030. We’re doing our part by training our engineers to be EV-ready.

Making buses your go-to

By taking the bus, you’re contributing to Singapore’s target of net-zero emissions by 2050. To make it your preferred transport mode, we’ve used technology to enable a safe, reliable and comfortable ride. This includes a telematics system that rewards bus captains for driving smoothly and fuel efficiently.

Walking the Walk (and Riding the Bus!): Our Sustainability Achievements


Driving a sustainable future for Singapore

Harnessing the sun

Solar panels at Bulim and Mandai Bus Depots harness the sun to power our operations.

Light speed, green mode

We’ve installed motion-activated, energy-saving LED lights across our operations. Every watt counts!

Harvesting the rain

Rainwater is harvested at Mandai Bus Depot and used to water our green spaces.

Paperless power

We’ve ditched paper for digital solutions in brochures, training materials, and communication – saving trees, one byte at a time.

Switching to digital service brochures
Saving 124,000 pieces annually
Using digital commendation letters
Saving 3,600 sheets monthly
Implementing digital checklists in our workshops
Saving 18,000 pieces annually


Building bridges, not just routes

Equipping our people

Our employees are trained to assist people with disabilities, the elderly and other vulnerable passengers. They are also rewarded for being inclusive and providing good customer service.

Empowering the community

We created the Public Bus Inclusivity Course and Public Bus Confidence Course to bring the community together and enable people with disabilities to commute confidently.

Learn more about our inclusivity initiatives

For and by people with disabilities

We created the Customer Experience and Inclusivity Officer (CXIO) role and hired people with disabilities to drive our inclusivity programme. With their insights, we're able to develop initiatives that are truly effective.

An inclusive employer

As an employer, we’re proud to be given the Enabling Mark (Silver) as a reflection of our inclusive workplace and hiring initiatives.

a ship sailing through water, representing Kelsian as a marine transport service provider
Kelsian logo

Global Strength, Local Expertise — Powered by Kelsian Group

We’re proud to be part of the Kelsian Group, Australia’s largest land and marine transport service provider and tourism operator, which is committed to sustainability across its operations in Australia, the UK, Singapore and USA.

Operator of Australia's largest electrified bus depot
The Leichhardt depot in Sydney is home to a fleet of over 50 electric buses operated by Transit Systems, Kelsian's Australian Public Transport division.

Finalist of AFR Sustainability Leaders List
Kelsian's efforts in sustainability were recognised as a finalist on the Australian Financial Review's Sustainability Leaders 2023 list.

ECO certification from Ecotourism Australia
SeaLink North Queensland, part of Kelsian's Marine and Tourism division, has been recognised for providing sustainable and responsible tourism visitor experiences.

View our latest sustainability report

So hop on a TTS bus and embark on a journey towards a vibrant, sustainable Singapore with us.