Diagnostic Engineer


Reports to:

Workshop Planning Manager or Engineering Manager





Role Summary

Responsible for examination of vehicles in accordance with policies and procedures, to diagnose faults specifying the correct method of repair and length of time it may take to repair. Responsible for passing working knowledge to engineering technicians, working closely with the engineering management team to improve and consolidate procedures that impact the quality of engineering functions in Singapore.

Instrumental in providing a path for the concept and fulfilment of continuous improvement throughout the business. Provide a high level of on-the-ground support to diagnose and repair vehicles where problems are outside what is normally experienced. Involved in the ongoing development of traineeships (apprentices) throughout their term of learning.

Principal Responsibilities and Authorities

  • Responsible for examining vehicles in accordance with Tower Transit standard operating procedures, using hand held data capture devices if applicable.  This will specifically include, but will not be limited to vehicle ramps, CCTV systems, BTS and CFMS equipment, engine management systems and multiplex systems.
  • Responsible for diagnosing vehicle faults and specifying the correct method of repair and parts to be used, recording the scheduled time required to complete the work arising for each defect identified.
  • Competent in the basic workshop routines of Freeway, particularly in relation to raising and closing of any necessary works orders.
  • To be fully conversant with individual vehicle history, paying particular attention to recurring defects prior to carrying out the vehicle inspection, or fault diagnosis.
  • To be familiar with modern repair techniques and the use of electronic and mechanical diagnostic equipment (i.e. brake rolling road tester, smoke meter, headlight alignment tester, engine oil sampling and diagnostic laptop equipment).
  • Responsible for carrying out vehicle road testing in accordance with company standard operating procedures.
  • As required, carry out physical repairs to vehicles.
  • To have the relevant knowledge of computerised engineering systems with the input and extraction of relevant data.
  • Responsible for keeping up to date with new vehicle systems and maintenance procedures, drawing attention to any new practices, equipment and training requirements.
  • Participate in risk assessments for new equipment and vehicles.
  • Responsible for advising the relevant engineering manager of any factors directly affecting the daily schedule of programmed work.
  • To inform the workshop planning manager of any compromises of company maintenance procedures, or health and safety standards.
  • Ensure a working knowledge of new engineering or health and safety legislation, or company policies which may affect the working environment, or vehicle maintenance regime.
  • Attend management and technical meetings.
  • Undertake technical investigations into failed components or vehicle breakdowns. Additionally, as required, draft and submit technical instructions and best practice advice documents, seeking guidance and approval from the workshop planning manager prior to publication.
  • Investigate and report on all vehicle major unit failures. Establish reasons, trends and make recommendations for improvements to preventative maintenance procedures.
  • Responsible for independently investigating any allegations made by employees about vehicles and compiling a relevant report for the workshop planning manager and the engineering manager.
  • Provide support to all engineering trainees (apprentices) across the business, including guidance on how to complete tasks within the workshop environment.
  • Build strong working relationships with manufacturers and suppliers on specific vehicle maintenance issues. Assist in generation, development and implementation of vehicle modifications.
  • Train members of the engineering staff on a range of diagnostic systems that will enable accurate identification and rectification of faults.
  • Undertake any additional reasonable duties at the request of the workshop planning manager, engineering manager and the director of Infrastructure and Engineering.

Engineering Training Management:

  • Organise and manage training courses for all engineering grades throughout the business;
  • Deliver technical training to the engineering technicians, coach and mentor the technicians;
  • Provide the company focal point for the Traineeship (apprentice training scheme at depot level) by supporting the Engineering Manager, organise and monitor technical college attendance, college exam results and deal with any specific issues arising with the trainee (apprentice) whilst at the college;
  • Identify, in conjunction with the Engineering Manager, all engineering staff training requirements, maintaining a database of individual training needs against delivery;
  • Evaluate training courses, working with providers to improve and develop suitable products for delivery to the engineering workforce;
  • Ensure training course certificates are obtained and issued with a central record maintained; and
  • Facilitate training courses, ensuring rooms and required facilities are available.
  • Ensure Zero Industrial accidents and compliance to all statutory and or governmental regulations.

Skills, Experience, and Conditions Specification

  • Possess Degree in Mechanical Engineering or Automotive Technology, Mechatronics or equivalent or a Diploma with relevant years of experience or have several years, experience within the automotive diagnostic field.
  • Important to be flexible in respect of working hours to ensure commitments to operational requirements are fulfilled.
  • Confident and strong administrator, flexible and has a detailed knowledge of the engineering environment and the workings of the depots and buses.  To be prepared to work and travel to any location within Singapore.
  • Open, willing and able to receive additional specialist training.
  • A strong communicator with an ability to coach others given the need to train engineers.
  • Able to correctly use computers and associated systems to enable the full potential of the position to be realised to the benefit of engineering and the business as a whole.
  • Computer literate with relevant experience in diagnostics and repair software;
  • Understanding or a willingness to learn bus depot operational procedures and working practices;
  • Candidate with ACTA certification would be preferred.
  • Must have a valid Class 4A / 4 Driving License

Safety and Company Responsibilities

  • To adhere to all company policies and procedures.
  • To take care of your own safety and the safety of others at all times by complying with your responsibilities, particularly in relation to health and safety, as outlined in the company policies and procedures and under the relevant Health and Safety at Work Act.
  • To report to your line managers any injury, collision or dangerous occurrence in which you may have been involved, or are aware of having taken place at your work location, or any concern you have about health and safety issues.
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