CFMS Controller


Reports to:

CFMS Manager




Bulim Depot, Singapore

Role Summary

As the Common Fleet Management System (CFMS) Controller:

  • Responsible for ensuring the safe, punctual and cost-effective delivery of services by managing the flow of bus captains and vehicles along the route.
  • Liaising with Bus Captains, Interchange Supervisors, Depot Supervisors and maintenance personnel to resolve issues and restore service levels.
  • To ensure that the highest levels of service are provided to ensure a customer-centric approach is taken when dealing with service irregularities.

Principal Responsibilities and Authorities

  • Monitoring and controlling services to ensure punctuality, or service headways are maintained;
  • Communicate with bus captains and Interchange Supervisors to enable them to effectively deliver a reliable and safe service to the customer;
  • Communicating in a polite, professional and courteous manner at all times to employees and external parties;
  • Manage on-road issues that potentially impact service delivery;
  • Maintain a close working relationship with response agencies such as fire and police;
  • Responsible for reporting on punctuality concerns in relation to service issues;
  • Continually liaise with supervisors, particularly the Interchange Supervisors and Depot Supervisors to ensure that services operate in accordance with timetabled instructions;
  • Ensuring that the first and last services on all routes run to the scheduled timetable;
  • Deal with Major Incidents and Security Issues in accordance with the respective procedures;
  • Responsible for building a strong working relationship with the maintenance team to ensure effective changeovers in relation to vehicle breakdowns;
  • Undertake any additional duties as requested by the CFMS Manager, and
  • Undertake any training and development activities as requested by the CFMS Manager.

Skills, Experience, and Conditions Specification

  • This position involves shift work and work on weekends. You will be required to work such hours as deemed necessary to provide appropriate coverage.
  • Commercial awareness and an understanding of the LTA contract regime;
  • Good geographical knowledge of the Singapore area;
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Ability to effectively communicate over the phone and two-way radio to a culturally diverse workforce and community;
  • Computer literate and the ability to be trained in a GPS real-time vehicle management environment such as the LTA CFMS system, and
  • Personal performance will be assessed including overall compliance with Excess Wait Time key performance indicators, efficient use of bus captains in managing issues with the services, on-time performance results, first and last bus key performance indicators and the instance of mileage not operated through missed, or curtailed trips.

Safety and Company Responsibilities

  • Adhere to all Tower Transit policies and procedures;
  • To report to your line manager any injury, collision or dangerous occurrence that has taken place, or concerns regarding health, safety and security issues;
  • Provide leadership and guidance in identifying and managing health and safety issues as they apply to the workplace and workplace activities of employees and stakeholders;
  • Accountable and responsible for ensuring that the working environment is safe and that employees, including contractors, are protected from hazards and comply with Company policies and procedures;
  • Enforce policy, procedures and rules and employee compliance;
  • Ensure the working environment is safe and employees, including contractors, are protected from hazards and comply with Company policies and procedures.
  • Report hazards which cannot be corrected within the delegated authority of the position;
  • Active involvement in all safety and health programs and activities;
  • Participate in desk-top and simulated emergency drills in association with response agencies; and
  • Promote safety and health awareness generally.
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