Public Bus Inclusivity Course (PBIC)
Learn how you can help others on-board public buses!
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For most people, taking a public bus is a simple, everyday affair, but it can be daunting for people with mobility challenges and disabilities.

You can help change that. The Public Bus Inclusivity Course by Tower Transit is designed to help you help others. It will give you hands-on training in skills and sensitivities to assist your fellow passengers and foster a more caring and inclusive commuting culture.

This course is a companion to the Public Bus Confidence Course which is designed to help people with mobility challenges regain their confidence to travel on public buses.

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Jurong East Bus Interchange or Sembawang Bus Interchange
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1 hour
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No. of Participants
20 per session
Course Requirement
Complete the course in 2 simple steps!
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Step 1

Complete the theory portion online, at your convenience.
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Step 2

Attend the practical session*
*Your e-certificate from the theory course is required to register for the practical session
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Questions? Contact us at 1800-248-0950 (Daily from 7.30am to 1am)
Course Activities
Hands-on session with a blindfold and a white cane to understand the challenges of a person with visual impairment.
Hands-on session using a wheelchair to gain insights of the challenges a wheelchair user may face during their commute.
Learn how and when to offer your assistance by identifying the possible challenges of a person with disabilities.
Sharing by Tower Transit’s Customer Experience and Inclusivity Officers, Kishon and Cheryl. Both Kishon and Cheryl are wheelchair users, and they will share their personal experiences and insights regarding inclusivity.
Theory CoursePractical Course