General Feedback Hotline : 1800 248 0950
(7:30AM to 8PM daily)
Tower Transit UK

All you need to know about Tower Transit

Tower Transit is currently operating 26 Bus Services at 3 Bus Interchanges.

  • Bukit Batok

    77, 106, 173, 177, 189, 941, 945, 947, 990

  • Jurong East

    41, 49, 66, 78, 79, 97, 97e, 98, 98M,
    143, 143M, 183, 333, 334, 335

  • Clementi

    96, 282, 284, 285

We're sure you've got questions, so we've tried our best to answer most of them below briefly and simply. If there's anything that we've not addressed here, feel free to drop us a line at or call 1800 248 0950.

Frequently asked questions

Can I bring my personal mobility devices, foldable bicycles and bulky items onboard the bus?

Please refer to full FAQs here for details on bringing them onboard.

Will this inconvenience my daily commute?

Not at all. In fact, we're working to make your ride on a Tower Transit bus an enjoyable one.

How will my bus ride be enjoyable?

Our Bus Captains are trained in customer service and are motivated to drive smoothly for a comfortable ride.
Buses will also be deployed no more than 15 minutes apart during peak hours and a will be spaced out on the roads,
so waiting times are more consistent.

Bus fares got change or not?


Tower Transit is an ang moh company right?

Tower Transit Singapore has a strong Singaporean core. Most of our Bus Captains are locals. We are part of the Tower Transit Group which carries over 115 million passengers a year in the UK.

What will your buses look like?

Our buses will look very familiar when they hit the road. They may even bear the colours of other bus companies. Over time, more will be in Lush Green, the colour of Singapore's bus livery.

What if I've left something on a Tower Transit bus?

Don't panic. Just call our 24-hour lost & found hotline at 1800 248 0960 (from 29 May 2016) or go to our Contact Us page.

Is there a general feedback hotline?

If you have any feedback about our services, please call our friendly Customer Experience Officers at 1800 248 0950, 7.30am - 8pm daily.

I'm a person with disabilities. What sort of assistance can I get from Tower Transit?

Our Bus Captains are trained to assist people with disabilities. If you need help in any way, feel free to ask them or our interchange staff.
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